bootstrap.mdin: /docs/cmd/demo-server/


The first couple of parts/docs here are to set up a scaffolding for the work we're going to demo using veun.


Let's start with building out the imports we're going to need for our main sever implementation from the standard library.

import (

Static Files

We're going to embed the entire static directory into this server binary and define the css path and htmx path to add that into our served html page as we go.

var (
	//go:embed static
	staticFiles embed.FS

And we're going to add a static fileserver handler based on net/http as well.

func staticFileServer() http.Handler {
	return http.FileServer(http.FS(staticFiles))


What do we do with the logger? Set up a structured logging based on an ENV environment variable.

func initLogger() {
	var logHandler slog.Handler
	if os.Getenv("ENV") == "dev" {
		logHandler = slog.NewTextHandler(os.Stderr, &slog.HandlerOptions{
			Level: slog.LevelDebug,
	} else {
		logHandler = slog.NewJSONHandler(os.Stdout, &slog.HandlerOptions{
			Level: slog.LevelInfo,